So You Want To Write A Book? “Want” Is Not Nearly Enough

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Painters like painting, the saying goes, writers like having written.

Are there exceptions to both sides of this rule? Of course. But anyone who has run the gauntlet and written a full-length book can tell you, it’s a grueling process.

You wake up for weeks, months or years on end, and at the end of each working day you are essentially no closer to finishing than you were when you started. It’s particularly discouraging work because progress feels so elusive. Not to mention that the pages you find yourself looking at rarely match what was in your head.

It’s for this reason that “wanting” to write a book is not enough. It’s not therapy. It’s not an “experience.” It’s hard fucking work.

People who get it into their heads that they “may” have a book idea in them are not the ones who finish books. No, you write the book…

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The Hypocrite’s Paradigm

One falsely acts as an ordinary person but deep inside the fantasy of their true personality, of who they really are and what they can really do is one ambitious side of man that pushes to come out.

The Hypocrite’s Paradigm is the same as how one looks into a kaleidoscope where different views, perspectives and reflections shall be revealed. One example, reality may be one word but it has several sides. Life might be simple at first glance but it is the most challenging and slightly complicated among the rest.

What is your paradigm? Will you also say that you are a hypocrite at some times?

One pretends. One lies. One sacrifices. However, at the end of all your contradictions, you will also become honest.

That is how you see the world.

That is how you feel the Earth.

That is how you accept people.

That is how you face life.

So, tell me. What your “hypocrite’s paradigm” is?