A Writer’s Paradigm

I am a girl they call Florie.

I am a pet lover preferably dogs and cats. I don’t like insects. (note: never leave me in a room with a cockroach… I’ll die… probably??)

I am a movie lover. I watch movies many times. There was a day I watched a two different movies and a time when I watched the same movie thrice consecutively.

I am an art lover. I draw. I paint. I WRITE. I also compose musics by only pressing the piano keys and create a melody I like. I also visit art exhibits especially those in the mall or when I spot one when I’m at a place nearby. I am a photographer who is still trying to learn how to take photos in a good angle.

I am a book lover. I read a lot of novels. I read interesting news and articles. However, I don’t have much budget to buy new books recently.

I am a collector. Not to mention the numerous original VCDs at home, books, magazines and more.

I am a gardener. I’ve been busy with my dad’s plants and I’ve been planting vegetables at the garden. I recently harvested my first string beans and my first tomatoes.

I am a fashion lover. I love style and appearance however I don’t buy clothes and accessories a lot. I just mix and match. I also critic. Recently, I’ve been busy making accessories. I will post it in any social media soon when I it’s for sale already. Hope you patronize my creations.

I am a sweet lover. Though I never had a relationship before. I don’t have time for that yet but I do have time for chocolates!

I am a funny person. People said I am. Sometimes, I do not realize that what I say already made them laugh at their wits.

I am a thoughtful person. I care a lot. Sacrifice a lot. I, at all means, try to help and be with them in times of need.

There is a lot to know more about me.

Here in this blog I shall reveal what people don’t seem to see.

Who I am. Who am I. Am I a Hypocrite? How about you?

Tell me by sending your comments or ideas:


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