Resistance: A Lovely Paradigm

I love you.

It sounds good to hear it. It feels so great to have it said upon.

I love you too. The only phrase to answer it.

It’s such a beautiful dialogue when heard. When you read these phrases in a novel it sends a funny feeling in your guts, tickling your heart while pulling out an unstoppable smile of hoity-toity.

Witnessing two persons, approaching one another while their eyes shyly meet and somehow nervous enough they can’t speak. Then the guy reaches out his hand to hold the girl. His hand caressing her from her hand up to her arm then to her neck and finally reaching her blushing cheeks. Her lips move slightly opening as she states his name. The guy sluggishly draws his face closer to the girl. Their eyes sparkling. Excited at the same time jittery. At last, the spaces between their lips meet. A romantic scene in a place where their hearts could only bring them. The perfect timing of when their hearts could connect with just a simple touch.

Love is a vast world of emotions and thoughts. The happiness from the feeling of love takes you to a world greater than any fairy tale has ever described. Love brings colors into one’s life however, it also causes heart break.

Love is a maze of complications. A collection of predicaments. A set of challenges. It tests your patience.

It tests your trust.

… your pride.

… your honesty.

… your loyalty.

… your comprehension.

… your will.

… your LOVE for that person.

It will force you to answer these questions you try to avoid or never thought you’ll be asked about.

How much can you give?

How much can you sacrifice?

How much do you love that person?

Can you give up anything?

Can you swear your loyalty, your honesty…?

The paradigm of the heart is nonetheless the soul of your mind and soul. Speaking your emotions. Stating your thoughts. Feeling is not enough to handle love. Seeing is not enough to condition your passion. Thinking only encourages your rationality.

Will you be able to say I love you or, I love you too after realizing you are not perfect to seek what is perfect which do not really exist in life?

Will you learn to resist a little and make paradigms as lovely as the spring of your fondness?



For long, you’ve waited

for a person you will love.

For so long, you’ve searched

for a person who will love you.

Finally, you’ve seen

the angelic smile, so captivating.

Finally, you’ve captured

the angel, you will shower with passion.

Every moment spent together

is a treasure.

The time you have

you dearly protect.

Now, it’s clear

you are in love.


The connections are cut.

Now the angel lost its wings.

The feathers were ripped off

leaving you with nothing.

A mysterious case.

You started to chase


it’s long gone.

No trace.

No other ways.

You’re lost forever in finding it

in having it back in your arms again.

My Artworks!

My Artworks!

Hi everyone!

This is to inform you that I have been posting few of my artworks online! You may check it out by following the link I provided. You will see my drawings an some painting I created using Photoshop, Paint, and other photo editing or painting software.

As for the drawings, I usually draw it on paper with a pen then I will color it using the softwares I mentioned above. I find it challenging and exciting when I do it. It allows me to test and challenge myself in using this technology and how patient I can be in producing an artwork I can be proud of.

Most of my works are from stories or poems I’ve written.

Visit the site! 🙂

The “Social Climber” Character


The place we think of as the city of “Aristocrats and Entrepreneurs”.

Famous location for social gatherings, parties and shopping. A world with sparkling and colorful lights through-out the night. The venue for competition and impressions.

Since I was a little girl, my family and I go to a lot places but mostly for the purpose of work-related  trips or transactions. We also go around to visit famous places for fun. One of the places I really enjoyed going to is Makati. Not to mention the various shopping districts and fancy restaurants in the city, Makati is definitely the perfect venue for a luxurious weekend getaway. That was how I described Makati City back when I was still a girl with a country-side point of view on everything,

Upon graduating from college last April this year, I started working at a small company in Makati. Despite being a small company with not more than 25 employees, its business comes large projects which requires time and perseverance. In this company, I had a foreign boss who is funny and wacky, but if it’s business talk, it means BUSINESS. I also had cool co-employees who are very friendly and noisy in a good way.

Days passed and I was finally getting a hang of everything – work, city-life, commute and people. In my observation, there is one thing that’s always highlighted in my new city life, SOCIAL CLIMBERS. It was not really attractive at first look because on my first day alone in Makati, I only thought that these people are just well-adapted in the city. What I mean is, Makati is a place where many rich people gather so in order to fit in, you will have to ‘do what the Romans do’.  But, when I tried to observe some more, I realized that some do not want to just fit in, they want to become one.

Just what exactly are social climbers anyway?

According to several dictionaries, a social climber is someone who seeks acceptance by going with the flow of the trend. Like for example, being fashionable,  having this latest gadget, or being with famous people or celebrities. An article which I saw online said that social climbers are those who dresses up with label, go partying and drinking more than they can handle, sucking up with known people (even though they’re not their close friends) in order to fit in.

There’s nothing wrong being a social climber. Sometimes, it helps a person to adjust to the environment or a certain situation. There are only a few cases when being a social climber makes people hate it.

I meet a lot of social climbers even at school, at work or at any random place. There was a friend who spends a lot just to buy branded clothes and shoes, even if it means to skip meals just to save up some money. There was also a person who floods shout-outs and tweets about places visited, expensive food eaten, and sometimes people together with.

Perhaps, there are really people seeking attention or wanting to be accepted by the society. Sometimes we want people to find us flawless and perfect enough to look up to. Maybe, that is the reason why there are people who become social climbers. They mean no harm, however critics and haters do exist. Even a simple person living a simple life have people who dislike them. A person can do what he/she wants. He/she can do whatever he/she wants as long as right and wrong is clearly known, and no other person is hurt.

Climb society and reach that dream; that admired lifestyle.

The Hypocrite’s Paradigm

One falsely acts as an ordinary person but deep inside the fantasy of their true personality, of who they really are and what they can really do is one ambitious side of man that pushes to come out.

The Hypocrite’s Paradigm is the same as how one looks into a kaleidoscope where different views, perspectives and reflections shall be revealed. One example, reality may be one word but it has several sides. Life might be simple at first glance but it is the most challenging and slightly complicated among the rest.

What is your paradigm? Will you also say that you are a hypocrite at some times?

One pretends. One lies. One sacrifices. However, at the end of all your contradictions, you will also become honest.

That is how you see the world.

That is how you feel the Earth.

That is how you accept people.

That is how you face life.

So, tell me. What your “hypocrite’s paradigm” is?