Resistance: A Lovely Paradigm

I love you.

It sounds good to hear it. It feels so great to have it said upon.

I love you too. The only phrase to answer it.

It’s such a beautiful dialogue when heard. When you read these phrases in a novel it sends a funny feeling in your guts, tickling your heart while pulling out an unstoppable smile of hoity-toity.

Witnessing two persons, approaching one another while their eyes shyly meet and somehow nervous enough they can’t speak. Then the guy reaches out his hand to hold the girl. His hand caressing her from her hand up to her arm then to her neck and finally reaching her blushing cheeks. Her lips move slightly opening as she states his name. The guy sluggishly draws his face closer to the girl. Their eyes sparkling. Excited at the same time jittery. At last, the spaces between their lips meet. A romantic scene in a place where their hearts could only bring them. The perfect timing of when their hearts could connect with just a simple touch.

Love is a vast world of emotions and thoughts. The happiness from the feeling of love takes you to a world greater than any fairy tale has ever described. Love brings colors into one’s life however, it also causes heart break.

Love is a maze of complications. A collection of predicaments. A set of challenges. It tests your patience.

It tests your trust.

… your pride.

… your honesty.

… your loyalty.

… your comprehension.

… your will.

… your LOVE for that person.

It will force you to answer these questions you try to avoid or never thought you’ll be asked about.

How much can you give?

How much can you sacrifice?

How much do you love that person?

Can you give up anything?

Can you swear your loyalty, your honesty…?

The paradigm of the heart is nonetheless the soul of your mind and soul. Speaking your emotions. Stating your thoughts. Feeling is not enough to handle love. Seeing is not enough to condition your passion. Thinking only encourages your rationality.

Will you be able to say I love you or, I love you too after realizing you are not perfect to seek what is perfect which do not really exist in life?

Will you learn to resist a little and make paradigms as lovely as the spring of your fondness?